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green boxes


OSNN Junior Addict
hi guys, i'm new here! i just signed up today. :D

quick question...on the left side of the screen when you open a forum, there are green boxes in the user profiles (i don't have any yet)....what do those mean? :confused:
hi apgill welcome to OSNN :D .... here you will find all the answers you need about the seven wonders of the world. now if you just take a look on the right side over the edge you will see the capitol.... ahh just kiddding

well the the blue bar on the side shows info about the user, the join date, the posts, now the box im not too sure how it works but i think it has to do with the power of the user.
Each time you post something helpful or good others might give you a reputation point. As the reps. go up you get power points added. The number of power points you have is how man points you can give to others...
I hope i got that right :D
wait i answered everything but the thing about the green boxes... i dont even know what they are...
what the green boxes anyway??

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