Great way to start a new week...

OK. So I bought a new car today (not NEW, but new to me...) and I was out cruising when I got a call from our CEO. "Don... The power at the office went out and now the server won't boot." OK... great! So, I head to the office and YEP! It won't boot. Go figure. During startup shortly after the Windows Server 2003 Small Business Edition logo screen pops up, BSOD! So, I start by seeing if it's possible that since the drives are mirrored, maybe I can rebuild one of them with the other... I do a concistency check... no luck. :( So, I reboot to the system console and run CHKDSK... After about 2 hours of waiting, I'm in! The only problem... IIS isn't working :( Service errors out the ass! So here I am... 2:36 in the morning... running a backup on the system (it's a new system and we hadn't set up backup options on it yet... stupid me!) so I can uninstall IIS and reinstall.

So.. Wish me luck! I'll keep you all updated.


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was there not a up on the server? seems everything at my facility has a up on it.

Well good luck. Hope you have lots of luck.,
Well, there was a UPS on it, but it can only live for so long. I need to config it to notify me by email to my phone when the UPS detects the power is out so that I can do something about it. I'm trying to get our landlord to run a dedicated line for the server so that it never breaks. It seems that one a week or so that the breakers go because something in the office just draws too much. It really sucks, but there is only so much I can do about that...
No, but it was violated by a cat! I opened the door about an hour back and peaked out. And I noticed a shadow moving in my car. It freaked me out. All of a sudden this cat pops out of the sunroof, clawing at my roof to get out. It finally gets out and takes off. It didn't really do anything in the car, but it pissed me off.


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was it a black cat? hehe - I understand your feelings, but then again, if there was a mouse in your car it maybe did you a favour? And we have a saying here that if a black cat crosses your path it is lucky - so maybe it was lucky? ;)
Well, it wasn't black, and it certainly wasn't lucky... so far. I am uninstalling IIS as we speak. It is taking forever. I am hoping that reinstalling will fix the issue. I am getting really tired and just want to go home... but have to be back here at 9 anyways, so it's not like that's going to happen :(
OK... so I finally got IIS uninstalled, and SharePoint Services... I have reinstalled IIS and I am in the process of downloading the installation file for SharePoint Services. My only hope is that I am going to be able to import our company data into SPS with little or no trouble. :-/