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great free polyphonic ringtones!!!!


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
i found this AMAZING site and just have 2 share it:D :D


all grapix + polyphonic ringtones through wap. i got a whole load of tones + they are really good + they cost me on everage 5p each!!! those £1.50 a min lines can go screw themselves!!!!

u jus find the tone u want + write down the 2/3 digit number. then u got 2 there site + put in that number 2 download it @ ur normall wap rate (mine is 10p a min) it takes second 2 do + is really easy:p

every 1 who wants polyphonic ringtones look there!!!!!!!!


Secret Goat Fetish
Political User
yup it's the only good site i have found for polyphonic ringtones,really easy 2 use + it it's cheap!!!


High On Life!
Is there any site that has free ones in mid format then it all good you transfer it yourself to your phone using the software! my friend wants me to put it ringtones on her 7210 and here wap isnt that popular!


High On Life!
Wait sorry this site you can download them in mid format haha. other sites you can only download them in mp3 format so you cant use them in nokia software!

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