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6 Dec 2001
I was wanted to post about some great games I am playing right now.
First of course Americas Army : Special Forces, a real good game, very realistic and allways keep getting better, I can't imagina anyone that doesn't know it but... and you can visit my Clan's website @ we are called United Elite Operations.

The second game is a great game that I found last week, it is called GunBound, it is a kind of Worms copy, really fun. go to
holy crap man, gunbound is accually pretty cool, I'm likeing it dude! Very nice find!!! It just took awhile to download thats all, meh no biggy.
Return to Castle Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory :D

Free, stand-alone, what more can you want? :)
Mac port would be nice. ****ers ported the original game, but not this :mad:
*SIGH* I so need to get off dial up.

AA: 652mb. Lets see, 652megs @ <6kbps. That is about 40 years isn't it??

Chris, I've already signed that :p

Anakist, It's around 27-hours, shamefully, I know that from experience.
ehehe, I just became the 245th person :)

/me potters off to play some more :D
So your saying I don't need Wolfenstein to play Enemy Territory?
SPeedY_B said:
Mac port would be nice. ****ers ported the original game, but not this :mad:

The ET Linux port is off the heeezie
wait, I heard there going to make people start paying for Enemy Territory. Is this true?
America's Army is really fun to play. I especially like going into the game rooms and get my *** kicked my these fifteen year olds. I love it and its a BLAST! I didn't know that about Return to Castle Wolfenstein: EnemyTerritory. I'm heading there now.!
Can you play AA offline?? I am only on crappy dial up.

You can play AA offline in the training area for each phase of training, in order to advance to each phase of training to have to earn points playing online. Its a pretty creative way to do it. AA has been a huge success for the Army and their recruiting. Over 600,000 registered players I heard..
Bman™ said:
wait, I heard there going to make people start paying for Enemy Territory. Is this true?
I cant see how they could start charging for it. If there were any solid plans for more officially produced maps or patches then maybe, but at the moment Splash Damage have their hands full with the new Doom stuff.

Guess we'll just have to see
Well I'll check it out soon, hopefully it'll run on my machine.

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