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Perris Calderon

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24 Jan 2002
well, not yet

we used to have a link to downlaod "upgrade and repair pc's"


I'd love to post that link if ir's still available...does anyone have it?
thanx yoyo

great resource

I don't moderate this topic, otherwise I'd sticky for a week or two
perris said:
thanx yoyo

great resource

I don't moderate this topic, otherwise I'd sticky for a week or two
ok, stuck, just cause you wanted it :)
(unless someone else doesn't lol :))
Ohh.. so there's actually a method do doing all this stuff.. as appose to slapping bits and pieces on whenever you like.. interesting..

Hi, Tried to download this book today, and although I got a continuous
download, browser closed before download finished and because of two hour
limit by my isp, anyone know how big this book download is.
Many thanks.
it's a pdf, and it's almost 70 mbs

search the web for "star downloader"

great free tool...a must for peeps with timeout issues

then you'll be able to resume the download where it left off

great book
Nice Book... Big download... Good connection.
Okay.. i'm jumping in a little late. But it seems like the link is no longer valid as a download.

Anyone have a copy that they can post somewhere that I can grab?

I have the 15th edition of upgrading and repairing PC's if you'll tell me how to get it to you, I'll be glad to do that. frogg_mann
perris, it's 17.8 mb and its in the form of a html help file. ebook.que if that helps. frogg_mann

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