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GRAW First impressions

What do you guys think of Tom clancy's ghost recon advanced warfighter on the xbox 360? I havent gotten to play it yet on account of my lack of xbox 360:lick: but was just wondering what you think so far if you've played it. Me and my clan are waiting for the PC version but who knows when thats coming, they said the end of march but now there seems to be delays. Anyways just thought I'd ask for a little insider info on the whole GRAW experince, this looks to be a killer app.


OSNN One Post Wonder
I've gotten it and beaten it. It's an amazing game, the graphics are of course stunning, but the gameplay itself is challenging and new. It was so much fun using the commands, the crew, and the support you're granted (UH-60's, M1A1's, Bradleys, etc). Strategy is really involved, and while the AI is a little smarter, they're still dumb in the open. But they sure are grenade happy! haha.

Now I'm playing online with friends, and the online co-op campaign is really awesome, the games are difficult, but fun. And while I haven't done it yet, I've heard you can play up to 16 people in this mode, it's really fun, I do have to say.

Definately THE best game out for the 360 right now, hands down.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Ya know. I never paid attention to the length of the missions, I would have to say that some of them can approach 20+ minutes, but if I knew how many missions total there were, it took me about 8 1/2 hrs to beat the game.

As it is, if the missions ARE long, you are so IN to the mission it doesn't matter. It's awesome! One of the games that really keeps your attention.

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