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Graphics Cards 4 laptops?


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Its the same old story, i need to get a new laptop and want an affordable one for some gaming. Can anyone suggest graphics cards that are out now for laptops only that would be able to run most of the newest games, Far-cry, battlefield, Halflife2, call of duty.....

If anyone would like to post what they laptop have w/ graphics card and what games they can run that would also be helpful.

Im looking at the ATI Radeon X300, but dont know if it can run top games.

My price range is bout, 1800dollars


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Its great for you to delete the thread, didn't help him too much though did it? :)

bazpaul, look at this the review and the links will point you in the direction you need to go.


I'm not sure if you can buy them by themselves, (i dont think you can), but here is also a link for froogle in google, for laptops that have a good card the x700, just try different versions and see where you end up:


here is the ati site which has more info:


also for the x600


slightly more affordable.

But i'm telling you unless you actually need a laptop, so you are forced to play games on it, buy a desktop, if space is an issue go with microatx cases.


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but to answer your question about the x300, it will probably play the games you mentioned, just not very well, and if you are planning on spending the money you may as well buy a laptop with a v/card that is more future proof, as the upcoming games will certainly take the wind out of the x300's small sails.


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I have a 9800 in my Inspiron 9100 and it runs HL2 and Counter-strike with no problems. Well, I do get some low fps now and then. but hey, its just a laptop :)

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