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Graphics card tweak!



I found this one while searching my registry. I'm not quite sure what it does, but I found out that that changing the number to a higher number help me to get to a place with my Ati 8500 where I have fast frame rates with no once in a while lag. You know, be playing a game and then it's like the graphics locked up for a second. This is where it is: Hkey_Local _machine\System\Controlset001\control\GraphicsDrivers.
It says time out. I think it's a delay. Maybe someone can tell me what it is. I set mine to 11. Which seems to work well with my system and the tweaks I have done to the video card. My lower frame rates have come up. My top frame rates have become stable. Using 3d mark 2001 se. The graphics run smoother than before. Thought I would pass this on. Maybe help sombody who was having the same problem I was having which are now solved.
Good luck!


i am using an S3 Eng'g Realease Video Card(very cheap!) do you know how to overclock this or for that matter at least tweak it to make it a bit faster?

and one more thing my color quality settings does not support 32-bit anymore, why?


First off you need to find a tweaker program for your card. Just go to yahoo and type in your card name and the word tweak or tweak program and you should get a few lists. Make sure the program you download says it will work with your card by name not just chip set.
About the 32 bit. Do you have the lastest drivers for that card? The driver your currently using may not support 32bit under xp. Just wait, I bet one will come out that will support it. Just keep going to the web site where the drivers for your card is. Some hardware manufacturers are still playing catch up to the xp for drivers.

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