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Graphics Card Replacement Suggestions



I have decided that I want to upgrade my poor old graphics card, my computer specs can be seen in my signature.

What sort of card can you suggest that is a big improvement on my current card. My budget is around £140, I have been suggested an ATI 9600 Saphire, but I haven't read any Pc magazines for ages and have no idea what's good at a good price these days.

Any help/suggestions are appreciated.
Originally posted by coathanger007
Good choice. FX5700 is also good value for money.
But, it might not be as reliable as the 9600 in the future. Considering the fact that the FX cards aren't the best DX 9 cards.

Now, like CoatHanger007 said, the FX5700 Ultra is a great card. I would, however, recommend the 9500-9600-9700 series of ATi Radeon cards. They range in price, but it's all pretty mid-range. That said, I would recommend, out of all of then, the ATi Radeon 9700pro. High end performance, mid range price. :)
On the bright side. Anything in your price range will be a big improvement over your old card so you can't go wrong.

I'd go for the 9600 PRO or if you shop around and get lucky you might just find a 9700 PRO close enough to your price range to be acceptable.


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if you have still to buy a product yet... 9600pro/9600XT or a 5700ultra are all good... the latter 2 may still retail higher than your budget but the 9600pro is still a good buy (it oc's well)

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