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graphics card heat!!!!!!!!!:(


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Mine wont get any hotter than 90C but target range would be 55-80C( I have two 6800 GTs)


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its just at 58under full load and 51 without i was just worried b/c i thought the core would be about the same as the cpu and isn't it corrrect that one does not want their cpu over 60c?
VGA chips are baked at 300C and then put into operation repeatedly in a cycle. I thik there was an article at anandtech or THG about it.

GPU's run hotter and are safer hotter than cpu's, by design. I mean if you had to paint 400 portraits a second, you'd be pretty hot too I suspect :p


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yeah, graphics cores are quite different than cpu cores. i don't know the technical names of the two types, but the graphics cores can operate under more extreme heat. cpu cores are quite a bit more complex--they can do just about anything but have lower heat tolerances.

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