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my friend got one...they suck, I warned him they are like a geforce2mx practically

my geforce 3 ti200 KILLS his geforce 4mx 440 in almost every benchmark...thats a damn shame.

If you have a money get a geforce 4...just not an mx.

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Hay what, How can you possibly say that !

I have one, I have doubled my 3d mark 2001 score to 5900

Fliiping heck, the radeon 8500 only gets 6400

Like I said elsewhere, MOHAA in 1024x768 32bit, every turned to max, still puts out 80-90 FPS

How much more do you want :eek:
No kidding,Qumahlin.I had a long ruuning fight with a friend who was considering buying one.Finally kncked some sense into him though.Those cards suck bad.


I could be wrong, but I don't think the GeForce4 MX's have all the advanced features of the geforce 3's - ie environment bumpmapping,etc. If that's the case then I'd rather fork out on a GeForce3 Ti200 for about the same price as an MX. Personally I have a GeForce3Ti500 and it creams everything i throw at it - 8700 3dmarks with an AthlonXP1700+ :)


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Originally posted by Bytes back
[Fliiping heck, the radeon 8500 only gets 6400
Where did you see a radeon only getting 6400? I'm certain i've seen higher then that in madonion's database

not to mention now that geforce4 is out I've seen some tech sites that have it getting over 9500 3dmarks.


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Asus G3Ti

I have the asus G3ti card and i run all my games at 1024x768,every game maxed out on graphic settings which include tribes 2/RTCW/MOH/AliensVPredator2 and ghost recon and it runs them like a dream with a 3d2001se score of 8500,yea you may dream about a GF4 but who on earth can play a game above 1024 ?? everything is tiny and makes fast action games harder and am i going to upgrade not me!! will rather spend £300-£400 on a XBOX as its the new cool thing to own rather than a card that they cannot see and cannot take around to friends houses to show off i am sure they will sell GF4 by the bucketload but how many of them will be single private purchases ?.

Ps.basis system specs are :-Asus GF3ti/athlon XP1900/2X80gig maxtor HDD/Epox 8kha+ mb/512 crucial ram all optimized and not overclocked at time of benchmark.


I have to disagree with you Bony Tony, I have a 19" Illyama visionmaster pro 452 monitor, and I run ALL games in 1600 x 1200 @ 32 bit colour (if the resolution is available in the games options). Can't say that things are too small on my screen, and I haven't noticed that "fast action games" are any harder. Just makes everything look even nicer IMHO.

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Originally posted by Qumahlin

Where did you see a radeon only getting 6400? I'm certain i've seen higher then that in madonion's database

not to mention now that geforce4 is out I've seen some tech sites that have it getting over 9500 3dmarks.
Whoops, my mistake, I was reading the 1280x1024 column.. Now, I have been reading this months copy of pc plus who have tested 18 cards. No massive amount of optimisation or overclocking here. :D

The results, all are from 3dmark 2001 se and in 1024x768x32

Ati 7000 1905
Ati 7500 4494
Ati 8500 4611
Gforce 2 MX200 1354
Gforce 2 Ti 4018
Gforce 2 Ti 200 6104
Gforce 3 Ti 500 7220

Now, as I said, I benchmarked mine and achieved 5900

So, whys it crap then ?


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To each their own opinion

Well that was my take on it tried higher resolutions and my 19" mitubishi monitor and in my opinion everything was too small..maybe its my eyesight :)

But it did look alot smoother edges,but i can get that if i turn AA up.

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