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Graphic help


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Hi !

I want to create a site with a menu.
The menu has 2 rows, each row 4 buttons.
This is the first row button...

The other 2 in the middle are continuining the graphic, they dont have the left side mini bar... like this

and the button on the right is like this...

What I want is a begging to the button to add in the html table..
like some rounded button...
So, can anyone help me ?
thanks !


Political User
Do u know HTML...? Coz i dont think u can insert images like....search on the internet about this issue too...u might find some help....if u want to make the buttons rounded, why dont u use photoshop to make them rounded and then insert them....up to you..it was pretty hard to know what you were saying :p....explain it well... :)


OSNN Senior Addict
I mean I want to add a rounded begging to the first button adn a rounded ending to the last...
The thing is that i am not good in graphics and i dont know how to do it !
Which graphics package are you using, in Photoshop you can select an area then invert and feather the edges so you can leave the part you initally selected and make the edges rounded

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