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On my motherboard I have a built in chipset nVidia nForce2 400 MCP/MCP-T.
I was wondering will it provide better graphics quality if I enable this rather than using my nVidia Riva TN2 Model 64/Model 64 pro (32 mbram) graphics card?

Thanks in advance!


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its likely it will... IIRC its a gf4mx series product which should be a bit better than your stand-alone product...


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But remember that you will be sacrificing some of your system ram to run the video. Regardless, neither graphics solution will help you with gaming much.


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well dream.. true as that may be it is preferable to run an IGP than a discrete solution :) specially when the IGP happens to be a superior product :cool:

its true neither will help much wrt gaming but it is likely to provide better 2d imagery and better quality output...

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I would definitely not recommend running the TNT2 M-64... BTW (not sure off the top of my head) but is that a 3.3 volt or 1.5 volt AGP card. If it is the former, plugging that in the mobo could leave you with other problems. If it's the former, it's keyed (as far as I know) so it wouldn't fit in the slot...

The GF4 MX however is lacking some features that was in the GF3, and of course it is a dated card. The use of memory is also noticeable (when my GF3 died and I had to go back to the GF2 GTS on my nForce 1 chipset for a time), I did notice that.

Saz does have a point though, with the introduction of the GeForce 3 and latter, there were definite IQ boosts which I (and as I remember, reviewers) had noticed over the GF2. The GF4 will give better 2D image quality (looking at my experience when I went from a Hercules GF2 GTS card, to the Visiontek GF3 Ti500).


I decided to leave it 'as-is' I don't do gaming just the java and flash games we have here or I downloaded. I have sumed up all responses and thanks for replies.

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