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Graphic Card Problems


The Weedman
Normally I would try to get support from the manufacturer but unfortunately ABIT doesn't exact provide stellar oralmost any support for their graphic's cards and ATI wants you to pay if they didn't build it.

So I have this problem where when I install the drivers to this 9200SE-DT 128 MB card and I restart, my system is ****ed. By that I mean it loads up the windows startup but then goes black and reboots repeatedly. The only way to fix it is using last known good configuration which removes the drivers and I am back to using barebone drivers provided by windows.

Any ideas?


The Analog Kid
try booting to safe mode, removing existing drivers, using one of a multitude of graphics card driver remover utilities, reboot, safe mode, install drivers.

Also, if you at one point had an NVidia card, use a remover to get rid of any junk from that too.


The Weedman
Well it get the drivers removed fine and I can use my system like right now without any drivers installed for the card but its when I reinstall the ATI ones that I have problems.

I did however have a GeForce on here before this card so I will check into this removal thing. Do you have any programs to do this or anything?


The Weedman
Well essentially what happened was I backed up everything inportant and just formatted and reinstalled all my drivers. Works fine now which tells me it was a driver causing the problem.

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