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Grand Theft Auto available for free download (fully legal!)

I just received an e-mail from Rockstar:

Rockstar e-mail
It's like Masterpiece Theater, Rockstar style. Curl up in your library, warm a nice snifter of brandy, and prepare your palette for a decadent trip back in time. That's right - we've gone ahead and decided to take the original PC version of Grand Theft Auto (1997) and give it away to the world, free of charge.
All you have to do is sign up for the newsletter and you're all set!

Download and info

ps. It seems I am not the first one to hear the news, as the Rockstar website is unreachable


cool man thanks. But I won't download it coz I have already got GTA3 and Vice City for PC.
Originally posted by bman™
Are they even alloying it anymore if they really were!?
It is real, cos I got it now! :D It took me ten hours (the server didn't allow me to resume downloads, so when it cut me off, I had to start all over again :mad: ) Real fun game, it was the first game I was addicted to back in 1997 and now I can play it again!
it took me 3hours and 12mins to download it :D

But in the end, i found it was pointless. Other than the fact i already have the game, i decided to download it because i wanted to see what was changed about it and nothing has changed in the game play. Anyways, i put the game on and 2mins into the game, i got bored of it.. lol. Yep, thats right bored of it because of all the new better graphicly designed gameplay and details, GTA is old news in my opinion now.. But GTA3 and Vice City still ROCK! :D

Thats why i think its free.. lol :p

Sincerly Alex :cool:


I may actually be insane.
It's been made free because it's a classic, they don't think that it's going to impress anyone.
It's just a great game that people who haven't played it before shouldn't miss out on, which they can't now, because its free.

Comparing it to GTA3 and GTA:VC is just un-fair.

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