Grand National.



Well it is tomorrow, from Aintree 3rd April 2004, if you did not know.

For those that did not know it's a traditional steeple chase event run once in England, over 30 very large fences by a maximum of 40 horses over 4 and a half miles.

It's run at Aintree, Liverpool England, at around 3.00 pm GMT.

I do 1 horse a year and in this race, so I will be going for 'Gunner Welburn'
the horse I did last year, he will get my £1.

If you have a tip please post.

Here are all the horses and their odds. All odds are to /1

Jurancon I I 10.00

Hedgehunter 11.00

Clan Royal 11.00

Bindaree 12.00

Joss Naylor 13.00

Davids Lad 15.00

Bear On Board 15.00

Amberleigh House 15.00

Shardam 17.00

Monty's Pass 21.00

What's Up Boys 26.00

Takagi 26.00

Southern Star 26.00

Gunner Welburn 26.00

Le Coudray 29.00

Artic Jack 34.00

Tyneandthyneagain 41.00

Royal Atalza 41.00

Lord Atterbury 41.00

Just In Debt 41.00

Exit To Wave 41.00

Akarus 41.00

Spot Thedifference 51.00

Risk Accessor 51.00

Kingsmark 51.00

Kelami 51.00

Ardent Scout 51.00

The Bunny Boiler 67.00

Bounce Back 67.00

Blowing Wind 67.00

Alexander Banquet 67.00

Alcapone 67.00

Smarty 101.00

Puntal 101.00

Wonder Weasel 151.00

Skycab 151.00

Montreal 151.00

Mantles Prince 201.00

Luzcadou 201.00

Bramblehill Duke 201.00

Evil Marge

I Rule
Political User
Jul 4, 2002
Horse racing is not my thing,I'd rather watch paint dry and it's bloody cruel.
I alway's feel sorry for the poor horses but the jockey's can break their backs for all I care :mad:


Boogie Nights...!
Jul 5, 2002
Why is it cruel?

Horses are born to run..what else can they do? That's all they're doing as far as they know.

Cruel is fox hunting.

Horse racing isn't.


Well everyone wins, if the Horse dies, the Horse can produce a nice rug, some glue and what the French love horse meat burgers. The insurance gets paid up, jockey gets his/her fee, the Horse gets placed or wins, jockey gets a bonus, trainer and owner make money, you the punter does also and the Horse fights on to run another day.

BTW Marge you eat meat do you?

I don't eat meat personally nor any thing that is not vegetable, I aint got a problem with meat eaters, I hope they enjoy their food.

Come on Gunner Welburn ride him out jockey. Tony Dobin is on him must be an omen!


Boogie Nights...!
Jul 5, 2002
Marge...i thought you meant horse riding in general (or do you?). I agree with the Grand National being a horrible event just cos the fences are so damn high and many..lots of horses do fall and it isnt nice to see.

Its just to keep the posh twats and twatesses busy for a day and to show off their o'so amazing hats.

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