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21 Jan 2004
Don't waste your money on Gran Turismo 4 for the Playstation 2. The game is beautiful but plays like s**t. I have been a fan of the GT games since the first one. I have had or have the first 3. Just got this today, and I am so disappointed in the game.
Whats wrong with it?
How in the hell u get it?
UK is only out on 9th of march :(
I think it just recently came out over in America. We'll just have to wait a bit longer :)

I'm actually looking forward to it, seems to combine the best bits from GT2 and GT3. However, magazine reviews aren't rating it too highly; Edge gave it a 7, which is pretty good. I might just rent it first, just to see how it plays.
friend told me it is more into turning and buying parts. And says its great, I wont know till next weekend when bro comes down with the ps2
yea my friend is getting this game and I hope it is as much crap as you say it is emeritus because I fear of going solo on Friday and Saturday nights. He is my winger and vice-versa and im going to lose him over this freaking game. Im pretty sure you had a friend in your life that you lost to Racing Sims like these.......just to let people know my pain :p
To give you an example, driving a 4WD Nissan Skyline, putting on the breaks to take a corner, slowing to 30 to 40 mph, and guess what, I still end up in the dirt. I could take some of the corners faster with my Mirage,(my real car). The AI sucks, they drive a line whether you are there or not, and of course they never make mistakes. These problems actually started with GT3, I had hoped they would be fixed in GT4. IMO they only got worse. The problem could be that they made it too much of a sim, and for that you would need a special chair and wheel and pedals, so you can get the accurate tactile feedback to drive the car. Oh, the reviews USA side have all been in the 9 range. I think they were blinded by the beauty of the game.
As a side note, I just got off the phone with Sony, and they won't take their game back. Talk about no support. The guy says why didn't you rent the game. Why would I rent a game that should have been great, considering I have played the first 3. I definately would think twice about purchasing Sony products from now on. The Xbox 2 is looking better and better.
Well, you see, some companies will support their product, it is obvious that Sony does not. I have been able to return 1 or 2 games that way, because the companies believe in their product, hence I will do more business with them.
I like it. The reason you are sliding out of the corners is because you might be using the wrong tires. Or the tires haven't had time to heat up and get sticky. I've been playing it constently for the past couple of days. I'm a big fan of the GT games so my opinion might be a little bias.
Well, me personally, I never buy until I try (renting it that is). Except the essentials, ya know like GTA: SA. Those kind you can just buy with a clear conscience. [off topic]Can't wait until Kingdom Hearts II comes out, though I must admit I haven't even beaten KH: Chain of Memories yet.[/off topic]

emeritus said:
The problem could be that they made it too much of a sim, ...

What do you expect with a reknowned title of "The Ultimate Driving Simulator" , its not an arcade racer such as burnout, midnight club, need for speed: underground. You cant hit corners at over 100 mph because in reality the car wouldnt handle it.

If you want a fast game thats easy i suggest you try the ford racing series, AI sucks so bad that you always end up in front of the pack and the need for brakes is rare.
Whats the XBOX game coming out soon that is supposed to be the "GT4" killer?
Heard anything about it?
ZeroHour said:
Whats the XBOX game coming out soon that is supposed to be the "GT4" killer?
Heard anything about it?
There's no such thing... GT is the best racing game series ever created...
If anyone read the posts, I was not hitting corners at 100, try 30-40, and I have been playing the series long enough to know about tires. I have been playing driving forever, back with Test Drive on the Commodore 64, (not making a comparison, just letting you know how long I have been playing racing games). Mind you I finished GT, GT2 and GT3.

P.S. I can't wait until Forza T comes out!!!

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