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GPS Navigation

Is GPS navigation free?? I heard something weird like it is for a while then it's a fee per month. I was thinking about getting a small portable one (like a HP one) to put in my car since I get lost all the time. Tell me what yall think

Perris Calderon

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Evil Marge said:
Road maps are cheaper :lick:
true dat

but if you're a salesman or do alot of local visits like delivery, you are costantly looking at the map

then the gps is cheaper, it will get you there sooner and you will have fewer accidents


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Evil Marge said:
Road maps are cheaper :lick:
Let's see. Fill up the entire back seat of my vehicle with EVERY map of EVERY state and EVERY city in paper format or load my GPS up with maps and have them in one tiny unit (comparatively).

I'll opt for the GPS. Besides that, if you're ever out hiking through unknown territory, say scouting for deer or something, a paper map ain't gonna help you find your way out. A compass would and that's cheaper but turning the tracking on on your GPS helps you retrace your steps EXACTLY. Trust me, that GPS has saved my butt many times.

They're also very handy when boating in the dark in the fog while you're trying to find your duck hunting blind. :)

Yes, I'm a big hunter.


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the_music_man said:
Is GPS navigation free?? I heard something weird like it is for a while then it's a fee per month. I was thinking about getting a small portable one (like a HP one) to put in my car since I get lost all the time. Tell me what yall think
Very interesting concept. I mean, they charge you to receive satellite radio, why wouldn't they start charging to use the GPS navigational satellites? Interesting.

I doubt that will happen but geez, in this money grubbing society, anything is possible I guess.

Son Goku

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I was looking at some of those devices, and they are pricey. Here in Albuq, some of the stores had them at upwards of $1,000+.

That said, the free option, aka looking up driving directions on the Internet can be a pain. Main reason, I don't know who writes those directions, but some of them are flippin ridiculous. Case in point when I went up to Santa Fe to see Munich. I got lost and was driving around the city for about 45 minutes trying to follow their bozotic directions, and then stopping to ask for help.

When I finally found the thing, it was like 2 turns after I got off the highway, and none of that jazz the stupid Internet directions had me going. When I see this in Albuq (my home city), I know the area well enough to be able to say "that's stupid, just go here", or "well the traffic there isn't so good, so..."

However, when it comes to cities that I don't routinely go to, and are not my place of residence, I don't have familiarity with the area on my side.

All in all, I'm thinking it might be worth it, if one has the money. More pricey initially? Yes, but then again gas isn't exactly cheap (cheaper then it was 5 months ago, but still), and when one starts having to make multiple trips (aka doesn't find the theater until after the ticket booth closes, and the movie would be about half over anyhow), bleh...

As to maps, don't know about others, but trying to read a map and drive... One needs to be able to pay attention to their driving and the other cars on the road. One almost invariably has to plan the trip from the map, and convert it into driving directions before hand. Now ideally, if the maps are good enough, perhaps one could select some more direct routes then whoever gives those driving directions on the Internet. Then again, don't some of those GPS systems give some idea of traffic patterns? I thought I saw some advertizing some such features.

There's some info on that here


The system also uses of Traffic Message Channel (TMC). The Traffic Messaqe Channel (TMC) is a standardised system of broadcastinq constantly updated traffic information (about accidents and hold-ups, for instance). TMC information is broadcast in many parts of Europe free of charqe. Sensors on motorways and roads measure traffic density and transfer this information to centralised traffic computers. Additional data such as direction and speed of traffic flow make it possible to predict conqestion.
Now they mention Europe, though I at least think I've seen it advertized on some systems in the US...

Perris Calderon

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you can purchase software pretty cheap that will run on your laptop

also, you can get pretty cheap software for your pocket pc.

the pocket pc software is a much better gps for some strange reason, probably because it's developed for it with more robust interest

my pocket pc axim cost about 400, the hardware and software package for the gps was only another hunderd or two

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