gotta pick from 2 routers;which one better?


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I have the DG834, works fine for me. Just plugged it all in and away you go (nice web based inteface and auto detect settings thing). No problems with it
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I would go netgear. I have worked with the three big brands of routers in the states(linksys, netgear and d-link) and the two netgears I have used are the easiest to use and set up.

I would get a wireless router just in case you decide to go wireless at any point in the future. Even if you will never use the wireless you can just turn the wireless off and use it as a wired router since it has the 4 ports in the back just like a wired router has. Plus the price difference in wired and wireless routers is almost nothing now and if you go wireless ever you will have to just get rid of the wired only router instead of just turning on the wireless.
I have the Netgear DG834G which has wireless built in and it hasn't let me down yet. Easy to configure and has a shedload of fuctions.

I have 6 machines going through this, 2 using wirless and it works flawlessly.

Netgear all the way :)
I'd go with the netgear. Linksys seems to be a half assed attempt at domestic networking from cisco, dlink... well MFG and I have to power cycle ours every so often...


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My current wireless router is a Netgear. My previous wired router was a D-Link, so I can't really compare the two. They both worked well though.

I'd say go with the Netgear. I didn't look into the detailed specs of each one, but the Netgear includes UPnP support (and I'm not sure if the D-Link one does), which eliminates the need for port forwarding with UPnP-aware applications like voice/video conferencing, BitTorrent etc.


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Well, out of the two you mentioned, it'll have to be the wireless one. BUT I would recommend that you get a Netgear DG834G instead of the DG834 (which is not wireless).