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Got my FREE Windows 7 ultimate signature edition + kit


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Today I got my free Windows 7 Ultimate Steve Ballmer signature edition, before the launch date! I posted a topic of it here (can't believe some people said they wouldn't register for this, even though it's 100% free!), did anyone else get theirs? I applied at the last moment and got accepted!
  • One limited Signature Edition Windows 7 Ultimate
  • One Deck of Playing Cards with Windows 7 Desktop Design
  • One Puzzle with Windows 7 Desktop Design
  • One Poster with Windows 7 Desktop Design
  • Ten Tote Bags with Windows 7 Desktop Design for hosts and guests

  • Also included in USA party packs:
    • One package of streamers for decoration
    • One package of balloons for decoration
    • One table top centerpiece for decoration
    • One package of Windows 7 napkins
You can see pictures of this here:
Unboxing the Windows 7 Launch Party kit

As for the Windows 7 party, I'm hosting it tomorrow. :D


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Yeah got mine mate - will be installing tonight! Probably not much different to the RC1 that I've already got installed however.


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yeah.... the only sad part is that the kit you get for the signed edition of W7 Ultimate doesn't seem like a retail package. Kinda like the same thing they did for Vista and that one program they had where if you watched a certain amount of video's or something about Vista/Office, you could get either a free copy of Vista Ultimate, or a free copy of i believe Office 2007.

I shoulda signed up.... but meh.


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i.e. from pictures i've seen of the signed copy that came with the party pack, it seems like you basically get a small black sleeve that's signed, and two paper disc sleeves with the thin plastic window on the front, one for the x86 version, and one for the x64 version..... not the nice thick CASE that is typically used in a retail version of an OS or other piece of software. I like the idea of having something to protect an expensive piece of software, whether i bought it or not. One reason why i liked the Vista case so much. looks nice, and is designed quite well. Think Windows 7 will probably use the same style of case.
yea, it is just a heavy cardstock, folded with one DVD inside with the product key and a generic cd sleeve for the 64 version DVD.
Not bad for free!
Plus it came with a deck of cards, balloons, napkins, streamers, smelly tote bags, and some other lame stuff
I moved my DVD's into a dual DVD case.
So glad I got in on this!
It's the first OS I've owned since Win 3.11 :speechless:


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yeah... but still.... "Signed Edition" kinda makes you think "Ooh, that might be able to catch a nice coin on eBay."..... not "Ooh... that's a pretty looking hunk of paper"
I've done that many times in the past.
You also have to sign up 10 "friends"
After the party date I then get 10 "thank you for attending, please fill out this brief survey" e-mails to my "friends" addresses.
I've never filled one out and they keep accepting me into parties.

They had one for Chef Michaels dog food not long ago.
My dog ate great for over a month with all the free food they sent!

There's also a "over 21" section to the site I discovered last month.
Looks like they may have some alcohol related parties too

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