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got a question about setting up remote desktop connection


Blame me for the RAZR's
ok. im currently coonected to the internet this way. phone line going into a modem (dsl sbc) into lyncsys wirless router. both me and my roomate come out of this router via cat 5. my question is

iv used ipconfig

and they all give me ip i guess. but it wont seem to work with remote desktop connection.

How can i set this up so it will work. Any ideas?
would be greatly apreciated.


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Who are you trying to connect to? Your roomate?
If you're both using the same router, you'll be wanting to use the internal IP addres (192.168.x.x) and not the external.


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Yip, and if you're trying to connect to your machine from an external machine, I'm guessing some port forwarding on the router will be needed.


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Also, you will probably need to create a firewall rule (if your linksys has one built in) if you're trying to connect across the internet. The whatismyip site will give you your public ip address, and typing 'ipconfig /all' (if you're using XP/2K) from a command prompt will give you your private, internal ip if you're trying to create the session between you and your roommates pc.


Blame me for the RAZR's
i would like to be able to know my ip and login and access my comp from any computer running Xp pro or has remot installed. I did it back a couple of years ago. But i had a much diff connection (dorms)

thanks i wil try this tomorrow some time.

any more ideas will be greaty apreciated
Remote Desktop uses TCP port 3389. You'll need to forward all incoming packets to that port to your desktop in the router config.

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