Google's "I'm feeling Lucky" button


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I know there are some pretty good results if you type in the following terms and click, "I'm feeling lucky".

- Weapons of mass destruction
- French Victories

But I'm not sure of any others.
Any ideas?


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Not going to take credit for this one but type in

Miserable failure

someone on the old forum put it up but not sure who it was sorry.


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Perhaps the most bizarre return i've ever had in a search engine.
I searched for "numpties" using the Lucky button. It came back with this from the Urban Dictionary. No, i've no idea what they are talking about either...RANDOM!.

1 definition of Numpties.

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Plural form of the word numpty. If you collect enough together you can form an SWS UK. When correctly abused they will produce oh oh spaghetti ohs which will result in products being not completely ready.

The numpties have f*@ked it up again!

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