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why is googles search considered so good, ive noticed on nearly all my searches, that yahoo's results are the same as google'...


Look at the very last line on any yahoo search page:

"Search Technology provided by Google"


That should answer your question.



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Originally posted by JohnnyGreb
Look at the very last line on any yahoo search page:

"Search Technology provided by Google"


That should answer your question.

lol... true...

btw the system google uses to display websites is quite good... generally speaking... better than most other engines I have used... google tends to generate more hits for certain topics that I use quite a bit in the technical field as compared to others.. and I also enjoy the simple interface :)

because of this... google is used quite a bit more than other search engines... and is also considered a better engine... and therefore some sites use the technology in their own search 'engines' :)


yep, i think one of the of the other factors is that it is so easy to use, not like some other ones....


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Yes, their news feature is really good, so is image search.

Last time I was doing a project, needed images of apples, so I search for apples, and wee, a few hundred pages will with..errr...apples :p


It'll be a long time until someone figures out a better searching technique than google.

I believe right now that google determines website importance by how many people link that page... but it's a little more complicated than that, because the importance of the page that links them is also important. It's like a never ending cycle of linking.

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