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google sketchup - excellent free program

Perris Calderon

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Re: google sketchup

when someone does something with this program, it please post back, I want to see the work and get some tutorials going


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Re: google sketchup

Well, I just tryed it out. I think it's a really cool program, tutorials on how to use it at the start, and its really easy to use.

I might accually use this program to sketch some things out.

Nice find
Re: google sketchup [excellant free program

i wish the mac version was out already... i'm ready to get started ....

{just not ready enough to get my pc online to download it :p
I used it for a couple of hours back when it was just SketchUp and there was no google. Pretty cool what you can achieve in a couple of hours with it though.

Perris Calderon

Staff member
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Techno Child said:
the problems are 1. no time and 2. no mac version :D... hey perris, why do you want a spaceship anyways?
I want to experiment with the star trek cloaking device that will be available in eight months

a spaceship will help me in my tests
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