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I keep seeing google search bars on peoples desktops... I was wondering... how do you do this? and also I keep seeing scrolling menus of peoples mp3s on their desktops.. and when you click on a song winamp starts... anyone know what im talking about? if so.. how do you do it? ty for your time!!


haha I know about the bar in IE... im talking about right on the desktop... like what I see on peoples d-tops... ;D ty for the help though


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I'll bet dollars to doughnuts that you are talking about my desktop aren't you xinside? (This one.)

It's html that i got from Md i think....from his desktop that had it. I'll gladly post it again for anyone that wants it

Click to view the embeded Google

to get if for yourself just view source then copy it.
that's it, hope that is what you are talking about.


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b-man, copy the source, then paste it into notepad and save the document as an html document (for example in the 'Save As' dialog type "Desktop.html" [complete with the quotes]) That will save it as a web page. then right click on your desktop, go to properties click the Desktop tab, then click the Customize Desktop button. On the Desktop Items that opens up, click the Web tab. Click the button labeled New, and browse to the location where you saved the Google source and double click on it. Then arange it as you like.

Hope that this helps.


...will circle this city
errr i think that you can enable it in the Group Policy Editor, or you might have to get something like TweakUI.


ok i get how you make it an html file and i can set it to the desktop however, how can i make it full screen in the sense that i have scroll bars on the right side of mine and the top titlebar that pops up when i move my mouse near the top of the screen. also how can i set it so when i right click i get the desktop right click menu with the display properties, not the ie right click menu?


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