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Google Goof

lol... I can't think of a situation where it would be safe to translate "mama" into "breast"... :D score some points for the dictionary writers on that one :p
just to spoil the fun its better to use full length words with these things, mother comes back Mi madre which translates back into mother ;)
Even more distressing I found is if you put in just "mom" and translate to spanish and get "mama" and then translate that back to english you get "it sucks" :eek:
a few people at my school did their french essays by running it through the babelfish translator, the teacher picked it up instantly cause all the grammar was ****e :p
interesting .. didn't give me the slashing thingy when i translated .. and i never got to take spanish cuz was forced into french :(

Daeron Tinúviel

OSNN Senior Addict
no it doesnt give the slashing thingy.......in spanish (hope i use the correct word) ' is call accent and what it does is empahzices the pronunciation of the the word......u know is funny casue i try the same sentence bit with dad instead of mom and when it translate it, says papá which is the correct word, i though it will come up with papa which means potatoe.....funny that it only does it with mom........maybe it is because dads doesnt had breast? :p
Vetrius said:
lmao! nice one, and spanish is sooo much like french Xie... accent et gue? accent circonflex?
I only wish I could remember even a sentence to type back :( ... suppose I'm lucky to even be able to say a few such as "what time is it?" and "I don't understand." :p I used almost daily in class hehe.
i'm taking ancient greek right now, and greek is so specific, that if you change even one letter in a word(in some cases) you change the entire sentence.

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