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23 Jan 2002
Goodbye....i was going to leave it with that but i thought with the time i have spent here in the past i would state why i am going (this is no way an attack on NTFS...just why i am going)

1st. Just before the big change where alot was lost my sig was altered and i am not going to repeat what it said (altered in this forum ...where you typed********ect ) it was not altered on my pc as i run a very tight ship as one would one has access to my pc but me i was not hacked and no one but me had my login details...i did report it and no log of anyone changing it was found...but it happened.

2nd, To those members who post alot about nothing your post count maybe not that important but to me i tried to make everyone count by helping and i did set myself a target so when all that was lost (i bet a few were annoyed when post counts were lost)...well no target took a very long time to get where i had gotten too and don't have the keenness to start again.

3rd, Since the big change many of the peeps i used to see and chat to in here are no longer around it seems a few have just not bothered to re-register.

4th, The change this time is too much i cannot get used to the forum and the main reason i am leaving.

So it was fun and i have passed alot of time on here but time to move on, take care and i hope the site does well.

Can my account be deleted please.


there were changes to the forums that were not intended but those of us who are posting here @ the moment have decided to stick it out since it was not easy on people... and try and bring these forums back to the level they were at... and I appreciate the help these people have provided thus far...

good luck in your future endeavors... was fun chatting with you...
1. I don't know how that happened.

2. Post counts aren't everything. Just because someone has a higher post count, they do not recieve any special previleges. Seriously, post counts mean nothing.

3. What people haven't returned? Almost everyone that I remember is back.

4. Yes it was a big change, but there's is really nothing you or I can do about it now. Accidents and **** happens, you've just got to learn to get used to it :)

Other than that, I can't really convince you to remain here as it seems you've already made your mind up :p

Good luck.
Sorry to see you go BonyTony, you're an asset to NTFS. I don't recall hearing or reading about your sig being changed but I'm sure if EP or MdSalih looked into it and there was not log, there was no log. Although I find that quite odd as everything is logged.

I'm sure at some point, EP will go the the member DB and delete users who aren't active any longer, if you're not longer active at that time, your account will be deleted.
Jewelzz said:
Sorry to see you go BonyTony, you're an asset to NTFS. I don't recall hearing or reading about your sig being changed.
It was the gif monkey. :D

Don't delete. Drop in from time to time. :)
a shame to see you go BonyTony :( i did always like your posts and how you kept us informed of the best deals online :(
I think I am going to remove the post count from the post bit for the time being.
I will restore them later perhaps, but rest assured your posts are still being counted.

One con of this is that on forums members with more post counts are often thought to be more knowlegable, but I feel that having 300 posts in the lounge "add a word" posts are hardly technical based.

I may remove posts being added in any of the general forums and base it only on the tech forums.

I'd like your input and then the team can discuss it further. Rest assured we are well aware of spam problems and are already discussing how to deal with it.
Post counts don't mean dick. However there will always be "pointless" threads, because problems get solved and there's not always a query to answer, face it, if the forum was nothing but seriousness it would be boring.

BonyTony, I can't really see why the points you have illustrated warrant leaving the forums permanently, however that's obviously your choice and you'll be missed as a part of the community, as Henry said, those bargain threads were great.

(edit) EP posted at the same time. Getting rid of the post count though... at last! \o/ you already know I want rid of this, so I'll welcome it :)
i must admit how pissed of i feel when a mod/admin (you know who you are, just no one else does :mad:) changes somthing about my account without the basic respect to say they have done so. and as for post count's, well heres my old sig to explain my feelings about those :p

oh yeh delete the bleeding word games.... really helpfull in clogging the new db
I think "the other word game" should go. (Anyone object?)
Word association should stay though, it's just one of those forum games you can't get rid of :p

Oh, and you should of been informed of changes made to your account, only in rare circumstances (ie: your not around to change it yourself) should it be changed, you should still be informed though :confused:
cant the post count be turned off for certain threads??
heh you know me, i spend a lot of time working from home infront of this PC, was only a siggy, but like i say theres nothing worst than a mod/admin changing stuff and not even PMing the reason ;)

down with the other word game
i think the word games suck, threads like the really long thred are ok though because they tend to be more intresting to read + have a chat in :cool:
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