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Good WW2 games ?


I am looking for a good WW2 game, preferably of the RTS kind. System specs are on the lower side with a P41.4 GHz, 128MB RDRAM (RDRAM sucks cause I cant upgrade cheaply) and a GeForce 2 MX 400. Can anybody here recommend one that'll fit my system ? I wont mind if the game is old, its gotta be good.

Also, ppl post your favorite WW2 game, regardless of sys specs.


Thanks everyone for your suggestions. vern I dont think Desert Rats vs Afrika Korps will work on my system. I have already played MOH:AA and loved it, it worked OK on my system (eye-candy turned off). I was looking for an RTS game and I am going ahead with chastity's suggestion and try both Close Combat and Silent Storm.
I will also try RTCW sometime soon.
Good games

Battlefiled 1942 is a good Game if you are talking about WWII. :cool:
It is very realistic, and there is another game called Battlefield Vietnam. :cool:
Both game are from EA.
However, for these games you have to have a good video card for instance a Gforce fx5600 and up. :mad:


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Battlefield 1942, you can buy the gold edition that comes with 2 expansion packsm that and the other 50+ mods in dev, beta that are out there, the forgotten hope mod is the most realistic WW2 mod on there, the ablity to fly/drive/land/sea/ground troops.

very very addictive game :)



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I think i would recommend MOHAA and COD

I would really suggest upgraded the ram, it is detrimental to your gaming. i have a p4 1.7 with 1gig of RDRAM (pc800), when i added the last 512, it made EVERYthing better.

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