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Good price on a cheap laptop - Compaq

Perris Calderon

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to get the info I need to download a pdf..could you paste in the specs please, I'm on a very slow wireless connection right now.

the link says the sale is for only 6 hours?


There is no answer!
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perris as a mod you should have deleted this post, i think advertising compaqs as anything but the **** they are is against forums policies isn't it? :)


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Half the stuff they have on their flier has a catch to it. Some sort of mail in rebate or an AOHell subscription for a frickin year, *scream* *gag* *puke*. Plus I went to one of then 6 hour sales before... It's a mad house I tell ya! Everything of any good value is gone in the first hour.
HEY I said it was a Cheap Laptop in the Title.

$779 up front with a $250 compusa rebate (I always get these) & $30 Compaq rebate
Yes, it is a 6 hour only sale so get there early, grab one and hide it until 6PM.

Compaq Presario Notebook
Celeron M 350 1mB L2 1.3 ghz
15" screen
256Mb Ram
40Gig HD
Built in wirelss G

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