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good palm pilot?

hello folks..well it's that time a year again...the girlfriend's bithday. I want to get her a palm pilot but I am indeed a starving college student. I know absolutely NOTHING about these things and was wondering if you all could help me. I am looking to spend under $150..so which would be the best for the money?
thanx guys
I'd recommend you find a palm IIIc color...they have been discontinued by palm as far as new models go, but they are cheap on e-bay and some stores are selling the last of them. I love mine and have never had a problem with it :)


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I use the palm IIIe...like the above mentioned but not color...been working for me for about 3 yrs...has a 2meg rom might not seem like much but I I still have 850k of free space and tons of contacts and emails...plus the select few games like astroids, centipede wheel of fortune tetris...have any questions about it let me know.:D

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