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Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Good night


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I've been wondering about this for ages now, but is it possible to make it so that when XP starts up it'll say Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good Evening, depending on the time of day it is.

For example, MSN explorer.


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let me know if you find out...

my girlfriends laptop does it but its a built in thing :) and its a little LCD display with a blue backlight, not audio... its a toshiba satellite notebook...

:) like I said let me know if you ever find out...


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From a search on the forums, I found out that not only does XP Pro edition do it, but it also says the users name if it is listed within its list of names.

So far, I've been lurking around XP home trying to find the same option, but I've been coming up short...


F@H - Is it in you?
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heck yeah... ok then I will go ahead and try it out... I love the little female voice saying 'good morning' 'good evening' and 'goodbye' it just sounds sexy.. :D


Any info on how to set up


Does anyone have a guide on how to implement this in XP Pro?


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You could easily write a PHP script, or JavaScript to do something like this. Basically...

if time == 12:00 var when afternoon
elseif time == 18:00 var when evening
elseif time == 22:00 var when night

Then setup Active Desktop and save the code as an HTML page and have it display on your desktop.

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