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Good Meal Ideas


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I was wondering if anyone knew of any good meals, easy to make.

Or a website that has recipes on it, or anything like that?

I'm getting tired of the same old crap allllllllll the time.
Chicken New Yorker;

Cook some chicken breasts, place streaky bacon and cheese on top and put it under the grill to melt over the chicken. Serve with chips, barbacue sauce and some veg.



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um.... i like smorrebrod (a danish dish)

its just sliced bread (dark mostly) with toppings on it... like smoked salmon and olive oil, herring with curry sauce, beef, danish blue cheese or brie, etc... and u can add onions or other veggies at will...

or u can make mexican food.. its rly easy if u just buy the tacos and stuff pre made and just make the meat thingy :)

ill think of something else and post again... i love eating.. i mean, cooking! :]


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I'm really bad at directions, those are good ideas.

Anyone know of good sites, that have recipes, details info on the dishes or whatnot..


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I like cooking, I find my inspiration from reading cooking mags while sitting on the throne. You can get subscriptions for cheap or free when they come with other deals and services ... such as credit cards, etc.


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Good meal ideas? Well, find out what is available in the freezer/fridge. Ask yourself is this food would taste well if thrown together, if yes, put in a pan and cook. If not, pick another piece of available food and try again.


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grab some hotdogs, wrap them in bacon.. toss them on a grill safe pan, toss them on a gril (or bake them till the bacon is cooked) Meanwhile, sautee some onions mixed with mustard and pile it all on a bun. Heartattack to follow later.. but it is darn good and easy.


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*sigh* Get yourself a potroast and a cast iron pan. Preheat an oven to 350F mix some Lipton onion soup mix with 1 1/2 cup of water and pour it over the roast. Leave it alone for about 2 hours, and Blam![/B pretty decent pot roast, that you can than carve up and have roast beef sandwiches.

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