Good Kitty...

either that cat is fake (ie stuffed) or the owner is a midget... :eek:
I'm going with fake cat.

The photo is not faked (pixel examination looked purfect).

It could be a cross between a bobcat and a house cat. But the mid section just seems too fat for any feline I've ever seen. Body fur looks real , but the paws have a too white and crisp look.

But the biggest give away is - no cat I've ever seen would tolerate being held in that position and look that placid unless it was drugged near unconciousness.

The proportions on the lady are too "normal" for her to be a midget though she does look short.

PS I've been in bed sick too long if I'm analyszing cat pictures...
Looks like that bad boy could do some serious damage is he wanted to.

Note the cat's reflection in the window behind her. :)
LeeJend said:
But the biggest give away is - no cat I've ever seen would tolerate being held in that position and look that placid unless it was drugged near unconciousness.
Or maybe it's just big, fat and lazy? ;)
I'm gonna go with the big, fat, lazy thing too :D
head doesn't seem to fit with body?
not everything in the world is gonna be perfect people just cause the head doesnt fit the body doesnt mean it is fake...i mean look michale jackson and his unnormal things.
Reflection in the eyes is a dead giveaway... real cat. I have pics of my cat and the flash does that same thing to his eyes.

I saw a pic like that one of another big fat lazy cat.

Now I would take THAT cat out for walks... scare the sh!t out of the neighborhood dogs.
it is real

and we can telkl so by the look of pride and ownership....

now ? is who was owned?!
I would hate to have that cat sleeping on my bed. It probably take up too much space.
My mom showed this pic to me a few weeks ago and claimed it belonged to a "coworker's cousin" or something like that. I wanted to prove to her that it was possible to do something like that with Photoshop. Mine isn't as clean or anything because I did it in about 2 minutes. It could've been made almost flawless with more time and effort. Also would've been SO MUCH easier with a long haired animal.

However all of this is negated because of the reflection in the window. I still don't believe it's real, but oh well, I thought you guys might enjoy this pic.....

btw that is my mom and her dog


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that dog looks like those weiner dogs but a big weiner lol
kinda late but...... i too have to go with the fat and lazy part. lol

another thing that kinda gives away the fact that this pic is real...... Who do any of you know that would take that much time to photoshop the hairs so that some of them actually show in front of the woman's arms? and also note that the cat actually looks like it's hanging over her arms. How many times do you ever see a cat laying down or doing ANYTHING to the point that it would look like that?

And yes, i too would love to see the reaction of some dogs while walking that cat down the street.

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