Good Idea..


I just had a great idea sitting here listening to music and about to play UT..
I have my headphones and mic together (that one that came with SE copy of ut) and a nice sound system that goes through an amp with speakers and what not. The idea is to be able to control which audio goes out to each port. If i could limit winamp to go via one output, and then ut through the headphones. The main reason i want this is because i am about to wire my basement to the amp, and I do not want UT any other sounds going through except music or if need be movies. But being able to limit would be great. If this has not been done i say someone get moving to copy right that and go to town (just for a small % of the royalties of course :p)
Bash or agree with the idea, just though i would speak what is on the mind. I just realized i forgot to tell what soundcard i am using I think its an audixy2 or what ever.. been a year since i purchased it so I have no idea on what i ordered.


aww.. well atleast i know i can do this.. now just got to get another soundcard :p thanks for ruining my dream of royalties out the yenyang dreamRUINER77!!
BTW: you still get the rep points :)


The Analog Kid
thanks mooo.

Give ya an idea right now, I have 3 "cards" running in this box right now. A Delta 1010 for recording, a Chaintech av-710 for high quality monitoring and digital out, and onboard soundstorm for those rare occassions I want to upmix something to Dolby Digital. Granted, the wiring is a mess. Most programs will let you choose an output device.

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