Good game to play right now?

Since I quit WoW, I haven't passionately wanted to play anything. What game captures your mind, is addictive and fun, not repetitive, and can be fully enjoyed even if you play for less than one hour at a time?

Age of the game is irrelevant. Only fun matters.


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What do you like? Solo or online?

Role Playing - Guild Wars is a pretty neat, new massively multiplayer with no subscription fee.

First Person Shooter - I'm still attached to UT2004.

Startegy - Empire Earth 2 has pretty good game play.


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well i recently resurrected my nintendo 64 and started playing zelda: orcarina of time again. great game. also if you have an xbox try jade empire (RPG) or panzer dragoon orta (sort of flying/action type game), they're also both stellar games. for pc i'd say counterstrike: source, nothing can beat the classic gameplay of CS.
KOTOR 1 & 2
Neverwinter Nights (especially HoTU addon)
Everquest 2
TOCA Race Driver 2

about all that comes to mind at the moment...


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All above suggestions are excellent. Specially KOTOR --- hard to spend less than an hour at a time on it tho.

I'm still addicted to Battlefield Vietnam. Lots of variety, lots of vehicles, lots of chopper wh*$s to shoot down with heat seeking rockets. When I'm bored, I'll go hide in the jungle with my knife and wait for an unlucky soldier to pass by. Then it's shank, shank, and taunt (voice command F6+F1) :)

Favorite weapon: Bouncing Betty. Very hard to see, I place them around the flags (object on these huge maps is to control and hold territory) ... then I go offensive.... I'll be halfway across the map and I'll get kills. It's the worst trap ever. Mine is tripped, gets blasted 6 feet into the air and bursts, raining steel in a 10 meter radius.

Love it.
Xie said:
This an open beta or something?
It's live. I'm considering it. Think Diablo 3...

I have BFV and BF1942, UT2004, just finished Prince of Persia 2. GTA:SA comes out on the 7th. I have KOTOR 2, but haven't started a game yet (the playing an hour at a time thing...RPGs more immersive if you can play more.)

Favorite games of all time:
WoW, Planescape: Torment, Baldur's Gate II, Gothic II, Battlefield (ALL), Thief (ALL), Call of Duty

I'm a sucker for realism in any era. I like UT2004, but the future setting turns me off a bit. I can enjoy Star Wars games simply because they're Star Wars.


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Sid Meier's Pirates is great fun if you have little time to spend on gaming, you don't necessarily have to follow the story line, and it's always fun to blow up (and steal) a few ships. Only problem is that it might get too repetitive.

How about Brothers in Arms? It's a very immersive game, lots of fun :)
since i also recently quit playing WoW I joined a few friends of mine and started playing Lineage II, and also picked up Guild Wars. I really like Guild Wars, but only in moderate doses. Its not a game I can spent more than an hour or two playing at a time.

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