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good credit to Bush

Perris Calderon

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today, Qadhafi surrenders his wmd's and programs relating

this in fact, has to be due to the efforts of george bush on iraq

here is an excellant result...excellant.

my hats off to george bush for what has come in this regard


Gojyone kawaiiiiiiii!
..and the UN walks...

hmmm look at that. Who would have suspected that little old Libya would have all these weapons programs in hand? Surely not the people convinced Iraq was completely guilt free!

Perris Calderon

Staff member
Political User
my poin is this...

for all this while, american (and british) boys and girls were dying as a grand plan for bush to get re elected....as the result of all of the lies, that was the only residual

there were no other dividends for starting this little war...and in fact, ameirca is at more risk from terrorist attacts then had this war been maintained where we belong, and not where we don't

now though, with the events as told, at least there is a residual dividend for this re election campaign

now I don't feel like the lives of inocent boys and girls were spent in vain.

the lies and forgeries of this administration has born a positive fruit...though as you say, credit goes to blair for the accomplishment, not bush, never the less, it is a residual of this campaign, and I am relieved that the dead are not dead in total vein

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