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Good Backup software


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I need to back up around 20GB of files from upto 4 difference partitions but not sure what softwares are available to do this safely and efficiently. It wouldn't matter too much if it doesn't allow multi-partition backup as I can just transfer all those files on to one partition and do the backup that way.

I would use Norton Ghost, but not sure of the idea of having to install the thing again IF I re-installed windows. I do have the DOS version of Ghost, but not sure if the partition size affects the backup/restore.
Any ideas?

One other thing I would like to ask is - should I use compression to back the files up or not? How safe is using compression as I've heard negative opinions regarding this.


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If you are talking about ghost images I can't help you. If you are talking about backing up only data (only documents, not system settings and files) I personally use Nero BackItUp tool. @ Work we use windows backup...

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Lexun Backup Solution 1.4 is a good start. really not sure how much detail you are looking for ...program is free....find it at majorgeeks

link to download

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If you don't want to Ghost the image then XP Pro has a backup utility and so does the Home version but the Home version does not install it by default.
On the Windows XP Home cd look in the VALUEADD\MSFT\NTBACKUP folder for the installer.

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