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Gonna build my PC today!


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I've bought new:

3.4 GHz Intel P4 cpu
Asus p800d mobo
2 GB Corsair PC4000 ram

I'm using from my old PC:

nVidia Ti 4600 128 mb graphics card
2 x 40 GB HDDs at 133 & 100 ATA
Creative labs 4.1 soundcard
Lite-on CDRW/DVD rom
3.5" FDD
The Case

Any tips on the build?

One thing I was thinking of already was the cpu/heatsink. The heat sink appears to have a sticky patch already on it. But I bought some coolermaster heat compound. Should I try and remove the sticky but from the heat sink? If so how?

Definetly scrape off the patch on the heatsink, just use a small piece of plastic or something like that.
Otherwise, thats one hell of a system you got there!


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Bit of a FUBAR...

That memory advertised as 1GB ram (small print twin 512mb) well it's 2 512mb sticks, thus I have FOUR sticks when I thought I was getting TWO. MOBO has three slots. GGRRRRRRR!

I did consider the "twin 512" and believed this meant it was doubled sided with 512 on each side.

Mubbers said:
230 Watts

hmmm, you might want to consider beefing that up a bit - between the P4, 3x (4 :p) sticks of RAM, and the dual HDD, vid card, etc... that 230 isn't going to be enough :eek:

you might get away with it - but I don't think it would be safe to even try


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Actually I lied it's 250W is that still not enough, if not what should I go up to?

I'm checking out 450W PSUs that are designed for P4 etc. fairly cheap.


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Anything from 350 watts on up is yer best bet to be safe. You may get by with a 300 watt but... Ya don't want to overwork that PSU...
Just remember, once ya let the smoke out of it you can never get in back in.
Great specs! Congrats!

And I agree...you're better off going for at least a 350W PSU. 400-450W should be your best bets though...just to allow for future additions.


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so you spent all kinds of money on that system and you didnt even invest in a board that can do decent dual channel ddr capabilities? wtf were you thinking. screw returning the ram, return the motherboard and get a better one.
Dude, the Asus P4800 Deluxe is not a bad mobo... just cuz it only has three slots means nothing... every nForce 2 motherboard made only has 3 slots! and it's a good dual channel setup


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well in any event. let me know what you paid and we'll talk. i'll be more than happy, to give you a "refund". just translate it into american dollars for me lol.
Goatman said:
Dude, the Asus P4800 Deluxe is not a bad mobo... just cuz it only has three slots means nothing... every nForce 2 motherboard made only has 3 slots! and it's a good dual channel setup
"dude", if it only has three slots... then it cant be a good dual channel setup, good setups are going to have equal physical support for each channel... 3 slots = technically a 1.5 channel setup...

edit/ wow, that came off alot more ass-like than I thought, so sorry... (dont drink and type dont drink and type)

Ded Morozh

I don't DISlike you...
The Nforce2 set up with 3 slots IS a dual channel system, but it can only support up to 2 Gigs in Dual Channel mode usually. It's one memory channel per stick. I have seen dual channel set ups with 4 slots, but those are usually on p4 and AMD64 boards

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