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Goldeneye: Source


Stranger Than Fiction
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Not sure if anyone know's (or cares) but the first alpha release of Goldeneye: Source came out yesterday. Its got some issues, there aren't very many characters available (it is an alpha though), the character movement is almost painfully slow and there are no crosshairs. I understand why there aren't any (cause they weren't there in the N64 version) but in this day and age no crosshair is a crime against the Source engine. Anyway, you can download the free mod below.




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not even that Lee..... it wasn't even out for like 12 hours i think when i played it..... which makes it even WORSE! funny part was that he had the speed hack but no aimbot, so he sucked anyway.

Dublex: i think it's gonna be free. the only ones that i think cost us are the ones that we don't seem to hear about until they're basically finished products (i.e. made by either Valve, or someone close to Valve)


Stranger Than Fiction
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ming said:
Is Goldeneye publlished/created by Valve or are they just copying the name from Valve - ie the 'SOURCE' part?

Its a 3rd party mod. Not affiliated with Valve at all. I'm not sure why they can call it Source if its not from Valve. Maybe just cause it runs on the Source engine. As far as legality goes ... I'm wondering if Rare will sue them for copying their game.

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