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Gold PS2


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ahhh i want one of those. They are seeling them with a Mobile Suit Gundum Z game in japan. Hopefully when they bring the game to the US they will release the gold PS2 :D
sorry but, thats ugly! i'd rather take it to the paint shop after sanding it down, and smoothing it out, and putting some nice olive green color on it. 2 clear coats, and then wax it once a month


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Saw the silver one in PC World recently....clearly the PS2 is winding down and Sony are trying to get every penny out of it.


Silver sounds kind of nice, actually. But that gold is nasty looking.

I'll keep my black one.

I think the only two acceptable colors would be black, or an official chrome - so chrome that it needs to be waxed and buffed every hour, to keep it in full sexiness :D


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it looks real ugly :(

the silver one looks sweet though compared to black ;)
i'm wondering how long till they have interchangeable covers with diferent colors......................... :p


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What!? the silver one is F-ing vile! Looks hideously cheap and nasty (then again, so does the black one)
and coloured cases have been around since the thing was officially launched. Some even have a liftable door above the disc, so you can swap it without opening the tray... don't know why on earth you would want to do that....... AHEM :confused::p
Silver look kinda cool, it's sold in the Netherlands (limited edition my a$$ :p ) for 229 euros with 2 silver controllers. They also integrated the infrared receiver near the powerbutton, you can turn on and shutdown the PS2 with the newly designed remote control (you now have one with a infrared receiver for the 'old' PS2 and one for the 'new' version, without infrared receiver). The fan in made more silent, that's good when you are watching DVD's. And they removed the firewire port, because until now only one game uses it, namely Gran Turismo 3.
Too bad though controllers, memorycards and networks adaptors aren't sold in the silver version, so they won't match up.


I may actually be insane.
Noooooooooooooooooo, I just can't see the attraction to it at all. It looks ok in some pics/adverts and so on, but in real life it's the cheapest pile of skank ever :p:D

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