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Going from Windows XP Pro to Windows Server 2003


To whom it may concern
OK... last summer I built a PC to be a second gaming machine. It turned out I have never installed one game on it, it just houses my 3 HDDs. So I have decided to put Windows Server 2003 on it. I will be running a clean install after a fresh format. The computer has a nForce2 Motherboard with a 2200+ on it. It also has a GeForce MX 4600. What I wanted to know was if the 2003 Server is like its predecessors. These machines had some MAJOR driver issues. Will all XP/2000 drivers generally work on this machine running 2003 Server?

I just need to make sure before I go and install this OS!



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Be careful. A lot of programs won't install in Server 2003 because of drivers. Roxio is an example. Acronis True Image won't work, and many others. Plus: There is reason in the world to go with W2003 Server-------PERIOD.


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Manufacturers aren't getting their backsides into shape to help solve the problem as quickly and as efficiently as they should be. However, who'd expect anyone to use a Windows Server OS for general use? :p
You'd have to check with the manufacturers to see if they have the latest drivers/updates to support Windows Server 2003 before you install it on your machine.


Don't know why you would leave xp pro till you are quite sure every manufacturer and software developer has made the jump. Wait a couple of years.


To whom it may concern
I would go with a Linux based OS... but I have 3 HDDs that are NTFS.. and I have no where to copy the files to to enable me to format them to a different file system.
currently running an ftp, ssh, and web server on win2k, tried win2k3 server but it didn't like some of the drivers. Win2k is doing just fine.
I've also contemplated using 2003 server but I've seen too much negative feedback regarding software compatability and the driver issue. Also seems to be allot of confusion since it wasn't intended as a desktop OS. So for now it just sits in my drawer. Its taken three years for XP to get tweaked to the point of being recognized as an excellent OS and very compatable with most software. XP's big problem was waiting for all the hardware companies to put out XP compatable drivers. I remember the critics were lined up taking shots at XP after it first came out, talking about their beloved 98/98e OS., Hey where did those critics go anyway..

By the time Windows Server 2003 gets all sorted out Longhorn will be out! :eek:
Majin said:
been there done that......if only the 2003 in windows 2003 meant how many problems it had idv been happy. :(
lol, I think there's probably more. Seriously, Phyre, you dont need 2003 server for home use. That OS is meant for corporate application. Just go with good olde 2000, or use linux if all u wanna do with it is serve.

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