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God that was a mistake


A while back, someone here posted XP SP2 beta... D/led it, worked great, no problems, then i found dworns active desktop on my comp... i tried it didn't work... tried everything nothing worked

yes this story has a point

so i uninstalled SP2, comp did it, restarted and i got the BSOD on the win xp load... so... what now? PROCESS_INIT_FAIL(1) or something like that... and it didn't work on safe mode either... gonna try to repair from the cd when i get home... i only want to format as a last resort.... any ideas on what to do?
You probably saw this coming, but I'll say it anyway: Pre-release service packs == BAD idea. No matter what people tell you about it's "stability" it's still not a final release for a reason.

I'd suggest reinstalling Windows (without a reformat first, of course). That should be able to fix it.


k, I knew it was a bad idea, but I hadn't really tried anything new b4... but meh, if a repair doesn't work, then i'll try reinstall, and if that doesn't work, i'll look for more alternatives
yea, re-installing windoze should make it work...althought you will have to re-install some software as well...such is the risk we take with beta stuff tho


AHA! no reinstall needed, anyone here with StyleXP 2.0 will understand... I had a customized windows xp boot screen, and because i had some SP2 critical updates still on there, my XP SP1 build is some odd number (130475 or something) and now Style XP isn't compatible... so i just had to use regular windows xp boot screen and its all good, thanks for all the suugestions everyone


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I don't use StyleXP, but I do know that customized boot screens don't get along well with Service Packs. There had to be updates for those customization apps when SP1 came out, and the same will be true when SP2 is released. Glad you got it figured out though Vetrius. :)


Heh ya... on a sidenote... I forgot what i was going to say...
oh ya, it still has a few SP2 features like the secutiry monitor... and i'm a bit scared because now... i keep getting norton to pop up with the sasser and a few trojans, but i ran liveupdate on it and i haven't had any problems so far after that. *crosses fingers, knocks on wood*

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