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Gmail notify error

today i logged on my computer and out of nowhere gmail notify stopped working and opens that website, i can double click on it and get to my inbox though, i just tried reinstalliing and samething happened


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I'm not sure what you mean, but today my Gmail notifier just shows an ! on the icon and says temporarly signed out....I can still go to inbox, but it dosent show me new mail or what not....?
I'm having the same problem here as well.
I wouldn't be suprised if the problem is caused by changes to the gmail login procedure without them updating their Gmail Notifier software. In some places gmail requests you type a random string of letters as they are displayed in an image, perhaps the notifier is being confused by this request.

Did a bit of searching, didn't find a straightforward solution. A lot of people seem to be having this problem as well.

Please post if anyone finds anything.

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We did not deserve this !
themafia.69 said:
yup its not working, maybe theres an updated version we have to get, im too tired to look now
I don't think so, I still use the Gmail Notifier eventhough it periodicaly and silently forces the download and installation of ... (have to modify the registry key under Run so that starts and not, I delete the installation folder aswell).
Why I do this ? It's just because I don't like the's icons and much prefer's ones.

Anyway, it still works here... ;)
themafia.69 said:
still not workin for me
Hmmm... You can login to your account by double-clicking on it but it is erroring when it checks for new email.

I suppose, depending how they have it programmed, that it may be timing out and thus causing the problem. I say this because of our geographic locations. You're on the other side of the Atlantic. It could be a fault on the part of Google or it could be a problem somewhere along the path to the Google servers.

Of course, Gmail has made updates on numerous occasions. What version of the Notifier you are using should have some of an impact.


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