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Glossy or Matte?


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I've heard a few horror stories regarding glossy screens, so I'm going to stick to the matte for my upcoming MacBook Pro purchase.



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Unfortunately, not had the chance to use a glossy screen yet, though from what I've read, it seems to all come down to personal opinion, and how each user utilises their machine.


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I like the glossy screen better then the mat

I am just afraid to clean it
Same here. I've been meaning to buy some iClear polish and a soft cloth for a while now.

I don't have a strong preference, but I do like the glossy screen on my MacBook. The only place it's a problem is outside in the glaring sun -- but I don't often use mine in that setting.


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I do like the colors a tad more on glossy screens but the amount of light it reflects just makes it annoying to me.

I ended up going with the matte for my macbook pro and like it. I always look around the room when my professor is ranting incoherently and notice everyone else uses a glossy screen on their PC / Mac. All the lights from the room reflect off of the screen as well as their face / everyone behind them.

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