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Global Ops



Was wondering if any of you have successfully played Global Ops on XP Pro. It installed fine, launched the intro movie with no problems but once it got to the menu screen I had terrible flickering, seeing my desktop behind it, couldn't get to my end task menu, couldn't click on any buttons for a couple of minutes. Was Finally able to click the exit button and get out of it. Haven't tried running it again til I get some more information.

I am running a Leadtek Winfast GeForce3, 512 MB RDRAM P4 1.6Ghz, Hercules Game THeater XP Sound Card on an Asus P4T-E board. Will check the Global Ops site too to see if there are any issues with XP or any of the Hardware. I am using the Leadtek Drivers for the Video card, wasn't too sure about installing any nVidia Detonators.

Would appreciate any help. Oh, am running 32 bit color at 1024x768.

Well, I've read enough on Global Ops' MB to know that there are TONS o' PROBLEMS with the game and so I think I'll just uninstall and save myself the headache and play my other games that work just peachy with XP...Oh...btw...anybody play Red Baron 3D on XP? Is so please give me a shout.


well try the latest detinator drivers (fixed ones - ya can find em on this site)

coz if they mess up, u can always "roll-back"

the fps has boosted since i installed the new detonator drivers - and i'm using a riva tnt2 ultra

oh ya, make usure u are using OpenGL :)


Re: You may want to read this...

Doesn't work with the 27.41 and newer drivers!
n e 1 know y? is it coz the 27.41+ drivers are already fixed?

i have the "nVidia 28.32 WinXP Fixed" ones and i aint had n e probs :)

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Well for a start it using the Lithtech engine ;)

The AI in the game is shocking, I wasfinding it almost impossible to work thru the game - didn't even bother checking out multiplayer, you move too slowly and its a blatent attempt to steal Counter-strike's crown.

So it looks a little nicer, I was definatly expecting more.
I will say that the defusing method is a little cooler as it is more interactive, gicing you the opportunity to actually cut the wires.

Counter-strike is king.


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Global Ops is made for multiplayer and not singleplayer, the bots in single player are dumb and poorly programmed.. But if you play the game for real in multiplayer it'll contain something that you won't find in many other games :) Team work is nessecary to win and there are no known hacks or cheats yet(in multiplayer, a few map exploits, but that's it) Unlike other online games like.. let's say.. Counter Strike?

And it works fine on my WinXP pro, I have noticed that sometimes my norton antivirus crashes the game..

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