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One Step from The Edge
I just purchased a system with the following specs. Could someone tell me if I can also install and run a ALL-IN-WONDER VE PCI card (built on the 7500 series only 64MB) in my box. I like the features that it has for the TV side and the RF remote that they offer with the deal. I have my box in one room and want to play music and video through the surround tuner and HDTV in another room (about 17 feet away). Looking for compatiblity probs with the nVidia (AGP) VS the ATI (PCI) in the same box. Maybe I'm going about this the wrong way?
Reply from ATI:
It should work in your computer however we can't guarantee it would work with
other video card in the system, please note in order to use the TV and capture
capability the card must be the primary display.

Full-Tower Case (420-Watt PS)
Processor: Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor 3.0GHz 800MHz FSB w/ 512KB Cache &HyperThreading
Motherboard: Intel® Desktop Board D875PBZ - Intel 875P Motherboard
Memory: 1GB Corsair XMS DDR SDRAM PC-3200 - 2 x 512MB Module
Video Card: NVIDIA GeForceT FX 5600 Ultra 128MB 8x AGP w/DVI & S-Video
Video Cooling: AlienIceT Video Cooling System
Hard Drive: 160GB Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 Serial ATA 8MB Cache - Quantity 2
Optical Drive One: Samsung 52x24x52x16x CD-RW/DVD Combo Drive
Optical Drive Two: Pioneer DVR-106 4x DVD±R/W Drive
Sound Card: Creative Sound Blaster® Audigy 2 - 6.1
Network Card: Integrated Intel Pro/1000 CT Gigabit Ethernet Adapter w/CSA
Display One: NEC 18" MultiSync LCD1860NX LCD

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