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Gigabyte & Via Chipset



Has anyone else had a problem with gigabyte mobos and via chipset?, ive been using a geforce2 for around 2 years with no problems, i got a geforce4 mx440t and now my computer freezes when AGP4x is used, i read somewhere that these mobos aint infact AGP 4X compatible, can anything be done? i mean gigabyte should not have sold them as 4X if they knew they were not?


hardware monkey
your geforce2 was also agp 4x, it you had it set as so in the bios (which it shoulda been).

is your power supply strong enough? gf4's use up a lot of power.


thanx 4 ur reply

it was set up in the bios, but the geforce4 has a tab to switch between 1x 2x & 4x, on my geforce2 i found that when i ran 3dmark it told me AGP was set at 2X i thought this must have been a mistake, but obviously not.


hardware monkey
if your gf2 was indeed running at 2x, and your gf4 has trouble at 4x, than it looks like a problem with the board. try getting the latest bios update for it.


hardware monkey
understood, luish... but your board is quite new so i wouldn't expect any problems with it. narcissus' board, on the other hand, it at least 2 years old... back when maybe gigabyte wasn't the best brand to get.
There is a HUGE problem with the Gigabyte GA-7VRXP motherboard and the Gforce 4 Graphics cards. You need to have the V2.0 motherboard in order to have a compatible system.

A workaround it to increace the CPU Vcore setting in the BIOS to +7.5 or +10%. But i had to get my board RMA'd (Return to Manufacturer) to gigabyte in order to get a replacement for my 1.1.

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