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GigaByte GA-7VRXP Mobo + GF4 Ti

Hey Folks,
Just thought I'd tell you a little story about this motherboard which i have. When your running with a FSB of 133, and are using a Geforce 4 TI card then you will probably get a LOT of hangs, crashes and all kinds of awful stuff when running any 3D games.

If you look through the Hardware forum at my posts over the last week, you may find some of the crap i've had to put up with, and the things i thought was casuing this. (Most notably my brand new CPU which replaces my Duron)

Well , i have finally found an answer after digging through loads of sites and forums. Over at directron.net, i found a post by a guy who had the same issues and apparently Gigabyte are aware of the issue and are looking at it now.

They even supplied a workaround as well, you have to go into the BIOS and change the vcore setting to +7.5 or even +10, and this finally prevents any more lockup and issues with the mobo and the Geforce 4 TI cards.

I hope this helps some people as it was a bitch to find this info.


Turn off AGP write syncronization in BIOS...that's your problem. I'm running a GF2MX with the GA-7VRX..it's not your mobo..trust me. That should clear up your problem...I'll have to check to make sure once I'm home though.
Sorry UofEEE,
Believe me that aint the problem, what fixed it was changing the VCORE setting in the BIOS to +7.5. After i changed this setting it has ran all day without crashing once and im still using it now.

Oh, and the latest BIOS is F7.

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