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Gigabyte 3D Rocket cooler?


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I've been reading about this and am seriously thinking of investing in a couple, one for a new build and another to quieten my existing.

Here is the one I am talking about and a review if anyone's interested also.

Just thought I would ask here for any first hand opinions, especially since I am also planning to try and see if this is available in the UK because I feel almost certain it will be quieter than the rocket.....

HMMMmmmm just talked myself into only buying one of the Rockets and trying it out first.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
As it turned out I ended up ordering a Gigabyte 3D Cooler-Ultra GT AMD instead because I was getting some other quieting components and wanted to single-source my order to cut shipping.... I am hopeful this will be as quiet with the fan turned down and whilst it may not cool surrounding components that may not be an issue for me since I do not plan overclocking - more looking for a quiet stable server (eventually)

You can see this one reviewed here and it was largely the strength of that review and the "5/5" score that sold me on settling for this cooler rather than the very newest.


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GigaByte has some nice CPU Coolers. I've never used the rocket cooler, but i have the 3D Cooler Pro. must say it's a pretty good cooler. 4 heatpipes, with most of them surrounded by heatsinks (pretty much the same setup as the rocked cooler, cept no little black plastic piece around it) and 2 central mounted fans blowing air out to the sides to cool off the heatpipes. They can keep your CPU rather cool too. I have my P4 2.4C overclocked to 3.0 at the moment, and the temp hasn't really changed. Plus, the 3D Cooler Pro has an adjustable fan speed, so if you wanna keep it cool during gaming or something of the sort, u can crank the puppy up from 2,000 rpm's up to 4,000 rpm's. pretty quiet too. if your case is pretty loud as is right now, you can probably run it a bit faster than the standard 2,000 rpm's and not hear much of a noise difference.

edit: good choice in coolers. All the 3D coolers as far as i know cool off the surrounding parts a hair as well as far as i know. think that's one reason they called them 3D coolers


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ARGGGGGgggggg I am mad at Gigabyte - the thing was shipped with NO CLIPS WHATSOEVER and definitely should have had them - they are on the checklist in the infernal destructions!

And I only found this out after ripping off my stock and cleaning CPU! So I ended up going out and buying a half way replacement :( :mad: I guess RMA for cash will be painfree - but I thought I should post as a warning (guess yours came with clips Elemental?)

so yeah no cool CPU here - hit record temps with the little Alu number on it now - up to 66oC under load right now :eek:


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yah.... i bought mine from a computer show. much more reliable when.. u know... u can actually SEE what you're buying. :) But it is a good cooler. u should get another one. won't be disappointed (well.... unless the next one comes with clips but no cooler)


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LOL - yeah - I have sent an email pointing out I tend to build average 1 rig/year plus lots of bits and network stuff - so if they want my business I am hoping they may take back the Zantec AGP H/S set that did not fit my 9700 and maybe send me clips and credit me the Zalman.... I doubt this will work and suspect I'll be stuck with Zalman heatsink and tubes and a simple RMA on the Gigabyte cooler....

Such is life...

I can well believe it will cool - but you never said how quiet you find it? I am noticing since I got my "silent" Tagan PSu I can hear all other noises and would like to reduce it to my 9700 pro alone - than I can work on that! he he - try to find a passively cooled 6800GT! ;) :eek:


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pretty quiet too. if your case is pretty loud as is right now, you can probably run it a bit faster than the standard 2,000 rpm's and not hear much of a noise difference.
:rolleyes: It is quiet. not sure exactly how effective it will be with your system. my PSU isn't quite whisper quiet, but if i have the cpu fan turned all the way down, i don't THINK i hear it. think most of what i hear is case fans, PSU, Hard Drive, and maybe a bit of the GPU fan, but not much. the one thing that makes it seem better to me, is that when you crank it up, it doesn't really have a high pitch whine. well, it does whine a bit if it's ALL the way up, but i doubt you'd need it that high to get effective cooling on idle or during heavy load. when i say whine's a bit, i mean it almost seems like it'd be high pitch, but it's probably about the same tone you'd expect from a desktop fan turned on medium speed, or lower. hard to tell really, but i barely ever touch the knob to adjust it. it seems like you hear more of a vibration than actual fan noise around the midpoint (around 3k rpm's i think). .....damn.... can't describe it.... meh. if you get the clips for it... or get a new one.. then you'll find out. I just love the fan though. as u can see in my sig, my P4 2.4C is overclocked to 3.0ghz, and the temp rarely goes above 52 degrees celcius, and that's after a nice long game of UT2004 with highest quality for everything, and i think at 1024x768 resolution. Not sure about what the temps would be with AMD since, well, don't have one to test it with.


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on an update to my little endeavor's of testing my 3D Cooler Pro... i now have my CPU OC'ed up to 3376Mhz, a total of a 976Mhz overclock, and the fan at 2500RPM's, and there CPU seems to still remain around 40 degrees Celcius when idle. gonna test under CPU load later.


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
HMMMmmm that is pretty impressive - got me starting to wonder if I did the right thing when I RMA'd mine with no clips....

But I read on another forum (SPCR) that a Zalman, which actually costs a bit less (but needs me to buy separate fan controller) is pretty efficient and very quiet...

I'll probably post about it as and when I get around to doing that.... kinda more interested in saving the whole whack for a new AMD 64 rig! ;)
never used the Zalman's, but i was thinkin about buyin one of them before the place i bought the 3D Cooler from actually got the 3D cooler. they say they're quiet though. and with my 3D Cooler at 2500 RPM's, i still can't hear it over the other hardware, like the case fan in the side panel, the fan in the back of the case, power supply, hard drive, video card, ect... quite quiet.


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You Cant go wrong with zalman mainframeguy I very highly recommend them, The 7000 range especially are superb, I would also say go for the AL/CU one like myself rather than the copper only one for three reasons.
1 - the al/cu is cheaper
2 - the copper one exceeds the motherboads recommended heatsink weight the al/cu does not
3 - there is very little difference in performance

My system fans run at 19 dba and it makes them seem noisy! hope this helps :)

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