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gift to myself

Perris Calderon

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picked one of these up at an auction, not too many people bidding and got it at a steal

click on image 7850

while you're looking at the watch, check out one of the best websites I've seen for charachter, cool flash (?) that is not annoying

make sure you check out the hover over feature once the page is loaded...is this a flash feature or something else?

Electronic Punk

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Very impressive, would love a watch where you can see in the inner workings, still into Swatch Chronographs at the moment, currently wearing down my second!


Beware the G-Man
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Nice perris. Ya know I have a watch that is shaped the same way (that same oval-ish shape) except for the small mechanism window on the main dial. But I have no clue as to who made it, it's quite old. It's not a new piece. Now you have given me interest into finding out more about mine. Nice piece perris. :D

Evil Marge

I Rule
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Not my cup of tea but it's nice to buy yourself something special. The price tag's unimportant as I bought myself a Tatty Teddy "Me Too You" watch for £5 and I love it :laugh:

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